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Tinglan Hong is a former restaurant hostess who made headlines for her romantic relationship with the famous English actor, Hugh Grant. Let’s take a look at her family, personal life, affairs, relationship with Hugh Grant, etc.

Tinglan Hong is a former restaurant hostess who made headlines for her romantic relationship with the famous English actor, Hugh Grant. During the course of their relationship, Hong and Grant were blessed with two children – Tabitha and Felix Grant. Apart from the fact that she worked at a Chinese restaurant in London, not much information about Hong could ever be retrieved. While he was at it, Grant kept his relationship with Hong under wraps. Though Grant and Hong were seen together in public places, information pertaining to Hong’s personal life continued to evade local as well as the national media. Hong and Grant’s other girlfriend, Anna Eberstein, became pregnant at the same time, and this became the talk of the town. The media went into a frenzy and many news agencies strived to know more about the ladies in Grant’s life, but nothing much could be extracted.

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Tinglan Hong

Relationship with Hugh Grant

  • Hong and Grant started seeing each other in 2011. However, neither of them confirmed their relationship when enquired by the media. Since Grant was labelled a playboy, the media considered their relationship as a fleeting affair.
  • Before meeting Hong, Grant was in a relationship with a socialite. Grant met Hong in a Chinese restaurant where she worked as a receptionist. After a few meetings, Grant began to gravitate towards Hong. When Hong met Grant, she had an idea about his past affairs. In fact, she also knew that Grant was seeing another woman even as he was flirting with her. Their age difference too, was never a concern for both of them.
  • They never cared about being caught by the media. In fact, they were quite happy to display their affection in public. When they both were captured on camera for the first time, they were seen kissing each other at a pub in Fulham, South-West London. After that, Hong was seen at the actor’s West London residence on many occasions. But Grant never stated anything about his relationship with Hong.
  • Grant took a career break and went on a vacation, along with Hong. Hong was pregnant by the time they returned from their holiday. In September 2011, Hong gave birth to their daughter Tabitha and that is how Grant and Hong began their journey as parents. Grant then tried to keep Hong away from the media as he did not want unnecessary attention.
  • After a year, the couple parted ways for reasons best known to them. They reunited a year later, but things were never the same again. Grant was now dating a Swedish television producer named Anna Eberstein, but that did not stop Grant from renewing his relationship with Hong.
  • The media went berserk when both Hong and Anna, Grant’s other girlfriend, got pregnant at the same time. Three months after Anna delivered a child, Hong became the mother of a baby boy named Felix. During this period, it became almost impossible for the three of them to stay out of the tabloids as the media was constantly questioning the ladies about their relationship with Hugh Grant.
  • Though Grant was constantly being portrayed as a playboy and as someone who was being irresponsible with his numerous love affairs, he later emerged as a responsible father. He did everything he could to provide his children a comfortable life.


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Hugh's a lucky boy then? Grant has a new Chinese girlfriend... and is she carrying his baby?

By Vanessa Allen for the Daily Mail and Lydia Warren
Updated: 01:54 GMT, 25 April 2011

Just a few months ago Hugh Grant sent female hearts fluttering when he hinted he was finally ready to settle down.

Now it seems he may have already found the lucky woman, after he was spotted on a series of dates with 31-year-old Tinglan Hong, who is 19 years his junior.

The actor first met his Chinese girlfriend last year and they are said to have been dating since January, when they were  seen kissing at a pub in Fulham, South-West London.

New love? Hugh Grant was photographed with Tinglan Hong in January, while enjoying a night out in Fulham, London

Miss Hong was spotted arriving at the Four Weddings and a Funeral star's £3million home in West London on Thursday, when she spoke into his intercom before walking around the corner.

Grant then picked her up in his £140,000 blue Ferrari and the pair spent an hour together before he dropped her back near her own car, a £40,000 silver Mercedes.

Miss Hong, who rents a smart flat nearby, wore £500 Christian Louboutin peep-toe shoes and a £400 Halston Heritage dress. She also sported a £1,000 Chanel handbag and a cropped designer jacket.

Later that night, the pair went out with friends to a fashionable Vietnamese cocktail bar near Grant's home, where they stayed till 1am.

Miss Hong was not drinking and fellow customers said the couple seemed intent on serious conversation. One said: 'Although she seemed to laugh at one point they appeared to be discussing something very important.

'They were obviously close, as they only had eyes for each other when they spoke. But for most of the conversation Hugh's girl didn't seem very happy – and nor did he.

Keeping a secret? Hugh Grant was spotted on his way to play golf over Easter, while reports came out of a possible romance with Ting

The ex files: Hugh Grant famously dated Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years before splitting in in May 2000

The couple were seen talking in the street after leaving the bar before Miss Hong went back to her car and drove home. Grant left on foot. On Friday they met up again for a day on the golf course.

Grant, whose wealth is estimated at £40million, has not been in a serious relationship since he split from heiress Jemima Khan in 2007.

His previous 13-year relationship with actress Liz Hurley ended in 2000, five years after he was caught cheating with Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown.

He had become renowned as a commitment-phobe, but admitted last September when he turned 50 that he 'should settle down' and that he wished he had children.

He also revealed he was attracted to Chinese women after a visit to China last year where he had 'fallen in love four times' in 24 hours.

Former flings: Hugh then dated Jemima Khan for three years but the couple broke up in 2007

A source told the News of the World that Grant was 'close' to Miss Hong, adding: 'She's a big part of his life. But as ever he's a very difficult man to nail down.

'And although they're increasingly close Ting's aware that he still goes out with other girls. Yes, he sees Ting all the time but it's normally on his terms – at his house or bars and restaurants nearby.'

Photographs of the pair showing Miss Hong with what appeared to be a tell-tale bump have prompted speculation she could be pregnant.

But Grant was keeping mum about the rumours yesterday.

Miss Hurley was also being uncharacteristically coy about her relationship with Australian cricketer Shane Warne yesterday. Although their flirtatious romance, revealed last year, was conducted openly on Twitter and they have been photographed in each other's arms, the actress giggled as she was asked if they were still an item, telling the Sunday Times: 'He is a good friend.'

Miss Hurley, 45, added: 'I love Australians. They make me laugh.'

Ready for fatherhood? Hugh Grant holding a baby in his 2002 film About A Boy

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