Students With Disabilities Cst Sample Essay

The New York State Teacher Certification Exams are necessary for all aspiring teachers and teaching assistants in NY state. These tests evaluate the teacher’s content knowledge and knowledge of teaching practices, and certify the teacher as legal for employment in New York Public Schools. This exam is a content knowledge exam for aspiring special education teachers.

The full length NYSTCE for Field 60: Students with Disabilities CST is computer-based and containing approximately 90 multiple choice questions and one constructed response. All NYSTCE exams have a time limit of four hours. The Physical Education test is available on all testing dates, only in the afternoon.

The subareas on the Students with Disabilities CST (060) teaching exam are:

  • Understanding and Evaluating Students with Disabilities
  • Promoting Student Learning and Development in a Collaborative Learning Community
  • Working in a Collaborative Professional Environment
  • Promoting Student Learning and Development in a Collaborative Learning Community (Constructed-Response)

Practice Quiz presents 102 free originally written NYSTCE: Students with Disabilities CST multiple choice review questions, all of which are paired with explanatory answers to help you prepare for this important NY teaching certification exam. Topics included in this exam prep question set:

  • Understanding and Evaluating Students with Disabilities
  • Promoting Student Learning and Development in a Collaborative Learning Community
  • Working in a Collaborative Professional Environment

Need more practice? Check out our Praxis II Special Education Exam Prep set with dozens of free practice test questions.

Disclaimer: This content is provided for informational purposes only. It has not been edited, fact checked or updated. This content is neither affiliated nor endorsed by NYSTCE, Pearson, the state of New York or any other official agency. These questions were written by a third party test prep company and licensed by Practice Quiz for use on this site. Please use at your own discretion.

NYSTCE Students with Disabilities Practice Test

The New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) are criterion-referenced tests designed to measure an applicant’s knowledge and skill and determine whether they meet the standards as set by the state to successfully perform their required duties as an educator in New York State public schools. The questions within the examinations help identify candidates that have achieved mastery to a level sufficient to receive certification. The NYSTCE Students with Disabilities test is made up of both selected-response items and a constructed-response item:

Selected-Response Items

The selected-response items will test your mastery of the following competencies:
  • Foundations of Special Education
  • Knowledge of Students with Disabilities
  • Assessment and Individual Program Planning
  • Strategies for Planning and Managing the Learning Environment and for Providing Behavioral Interventions
  • Instructional Planning and Delivery to Promote Students’ Success in the General Curriculum
  • Strategies for Teaching Communication Skills, Social Skills and Functional Living Skills

Constructed-Response Item

The constructed-response item will test your mastery of Analysis, Synthesis and Application, and will account for 20% of your final examination score.

This is a computer-based test (CBT) that contains 90 selected-response questions and one constructed-response question designed to determine whether an applicant’s knowledge and skills of the subject area meet the state’s standards for certification. You will have a total of three hours and 15 minutes to successfully complete the examination. For examples of questions you may encounter, try our NYSTCE Students with Disabilities Subject Practice Test.


A minimum passing score of 520 is required for certification as set by the state’s standards. Your performance is evaluated against established standards, not in relation to the performance of other candidates. Upon completion of the exam, you will receive a preliminary score report. These scores are not an acceptable substitute for the official score report, which will be received on the designated score report date following successful completion of your examination.

Registration Information

Test appointments are available year-round, by appointment Monday through Saturday. When you register, you may select a testing site located in New York State and nationwide. There is a $134 registration fee. Upon registering for the exam, you agree to abide by all testing rules and policies.

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