Except For The Essay Which Type Of Items Are On The Accuplacer Tests

The Accuplacer test is an optional placement test students can take to determine their level of skill and competence in math, reading, and English. It is a multiple choice test with an essay section.

The Accuplacer test is taken online. It is usually taken at the student’s prospective college or university or at a testing center with a proctor. The test is not timed, so students should not rush through any questions. The average time taken to finish the test is 90 minutes. The test is adaptive, meaning that the student’s answer to a question will determine his or her next question. This adaptability ensures that the test is given at an appropriate, personalized level. Accordingly, every test-taker gets a unique test. Students may not skip or eliminate questions and might have to make educated guesses when they do not know an answer to a question.

ACCUPLACER Practice Test

The best way to study for the Accuplacer test is to take practice tests. It is especially helpful to practice math problems. When choosing an answer from multiple choice options, the student must read every answer carefully and ensure that their choice answers the question. Here are some Accuplacer practice test questions similar to those on the exam.

Accuplacer Practice Test Math: Arithmetic

1. Add 0.9755 + 1.22 + 3.0005 + 0.0012

A. 5.2017
B. 5.1972
C. 5.2080
D. 5.1967
E. 5.1772

2. 3 x 4 x 2 equals

A. 24
B. 9
C. 14
D. 18
E. 16

3. 84% equals

A. 0.084
B. 8.4
C. 0.0084
D. 0.84
E. 8.04

4. -23 + 11 + -16 equals

A. -28
B. 28
C. 4
D. 18
E. -18

5. 8.46 / 1.5 equals

A. 5.6
B 5.46
C. 5.44
D. 6.54
E. 5.64

6. (6 / 2) – (3 x 0) equals

A. 1
B. 0
C. 3
D. 4
E. 9

7. 1.52 / .1 equals

A. 1.52
B. 15.2
C. .152
D. 152
E. 1.522

8. (4 x 1) + (2 x 3) equals

A. 9
B. 11
C. 10
D. 12
E. 24

9. 7 / (2 + 5)

A. 0
B. 1/2
C. 3
D. -1
E. 1

10. Add 3.2189 + 0.004 – 84.3 + 901.16

A. 988.6829
B. 820.1189
C. 820.0829
D. 819.9893
E. 820.0749

Accuplacer Practice Test Math: Elementary Algebra

11. 4b/2 + 3 = 11 + b

A. b = 4
B. b = 8
C. b = 6
D. b = 11
E. b = 1

12. Frank paid 5% sales tax on his television, which cost $769 before taxes. What did the television cost in total?

A. $838.45
B $38.45
C. $807.45
D. $738.45
E. $769.45

13. 4 > z < 3

A. z = 2
B. z = 7.1
C. z = 8
D. z = 5
E. none of the above

14. Grace worked from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM. She gets paid $13 per hour and “time and a half” for any hours over 8. How much did she get paid?

A. $152.75
B. $182.25
C. $193.75
D. $175.25
E. $172.25

15. -3 (5 – 2y) =

A. 30y
B. -15 – 6y
C -15 + 6y
D. 9y
E. 15 – 6y

16. 100 pens cost x dollars. How many pens can be purchased for 50 cents, assuming the same rate?

A. 50x
B. 100/x
C. 2x
D. 50/x
E. 500/x

17. If x = 3, then 4x2 + 2x – 5 =

A. 145
B. 3.7
C. 25
D. 50
E. 37

18. Which is not a rational number?

A. 1/2
B. 0.7344
C. -6
D. √9
E. √2

19. A movie theater sold 422 tickets on Friday. On Saturday, they sold 518 tickets. What was the approximate percentage that ticket sales increased on Saturday?

A. 23%
B. 122%
C. 123%
D. 42%
E. 96%

20. 0.45 + 0.35 equals

A. 8.0
B. 0.1
C. 8/10
D. 5/10
E. 7/10

Accuplacer Practice Test Math: College-Level Mathematics

21. 105 is not equal to which of the following:

A. 10•10•10•10•10
B. 100,000
C. 0.01 • 104
D. 102 • 103
E. 0.1 • 106

22. Divide z4 by z-3

A. z1
B. z7
C. z-12
D. z12
E. z-7

23. Multiply 10-3 by 102

A. 10-6
B. 10-5
C. 105
D. 10-1
E. 101

24. .000074 equals

A. 7.4 • 10-4
B. 7.4 • 10-5
C. 7.4 • 105
D. .74 • 10-5
E. .74 • 105

25. Which of the following is not equal to the others?


26. If 8 is 40% of a number, what is 15% of the same number?

A. 20
B. 1.2
C. 3
D. 15
E. 6

27. Which of the following equals x2 – 5x + 6

A. (x – 2) (x – 3)
B. (x – 2) (x + 3)
C. (x – 3) (x + 2)
D. (x + 2) (x + 3)
E. (x + 2) (x – 3)

28. (3x – 4y)2 equals

A. 9•2 -16y2
B. 3•2 -24xy + 4y2
C. 9•2 -24xy + 16×2
D. 9•2 -24xy + 16y2
E. 9•2 + 24xy +16y2

29. Round 556.462 to the nearest tens place

A. 556.46
B. 556.5
C. 556
D. 556.47
E. 560

30. What is the median of these numbers: 2, 3, 5, 6, 6, 9

A. 6
B. 5
C. 5.17
D. 5.5
E. 4

Accuplacer Practice Test: English Proficiency/Sentence Skills

31. Abby ______ to the baseball game.

A. should have went
B. should have gone
C. has already went
D. had already go
E. were going

32. What you do effects me; the affects are everlasting.

A. effects me, the affects
B. affects me, the effects
C. affects me; the affects
D. affects me; the effects
E. effects me, the effects

33. If Sean would have called, Shannon would have picked him up.

A. would call
B. could of called
C. had called
D. would of called
E. had of called

34. I think ___ not okay to lie, even if ____ going to be punished.

A. its / your
B. it’s / your
C. its/you’re
D. it’s / you’re
E. its / it’s

35. By next spring, Jack __________ for two terms.

A. had been senator
B. had been the Senator
C. will be senator
D. could have been Senator
E. will have been senator

36. That’s a good picture of _____; ___ like it.

A. Sofia and I; me
B. I and Sofia; I
C. Sofia and I; I
D. Sofia and me; I
E. Sofia and me; me

37. Teresa does not feel ___ ; she feels ____.

A. good / nauseous
B. well / nauseated
C. good / nauseated
D. well / nauseous
E. good / nausea

For the next three questions, read the underlined sentence and then rewrite the sentence as directed.

38. Because she was so famous, Ashley tried to avoid the paparazzi.

Rewrite, beginning with:
Ashley avoided the paparazzi…
The next words will be:

A. on account of her being
B. being that she was
C. as she were
D. because she was
E. that she was

39. The friends began to gather, and then the party started.

Rewrite, beginning with:
The party started…
The next words will be:

A. and the friends gathered
B. where the friends gathered
C. after the friends gathered
D. although the friends gathered
E. the gathering friends

40. Sydney saw nothing unusual when she went to the park.

Rewrite, beginning with:
Going to the park,…
The next words will be:

A. and seeing nothing unusual
B. then Sydney saw nothing unusual
C. nothing unusual was seen
D. seeing nothing
E. Sydney saw nothing unusual

Accuplacer Practice Test: Reading Comprehension

For the next five questions, read the underlined sentences and then answer the question that follows.

41. Brad Taylor, the star quarterback, is injured this season.
The team does not expect to make the playoffs.

How is the second sentence related to the first sentence?

A. It contradicts the first statement.
B. It analyzes the first statement.
C. It gives an example.
D. It gives an effect.
E. It makes a correction.

42. Spending time volunteering for charity is important to Company X.
Company X offers their employees paid time off to volunteer.

How is the second sentence related to the first sentence?

A. It offers a solution.
B. It explains the first statement.
C. It reinforces the first statement.
D. It reveals the first statement.
E. It debates the first statement.

43. Anthony got a substantial raise at work.
He will now have much more work to do.

How is the second sentence related to the first sentence?

A. It reinforces the first statement.
B. It states a consequence.
C. It expands on the first statement.
D. It contrasts the first statement.
E. It repeats the idea of the first statement.

44. Barry loathes summer.
July is Barry’s favorite month.

How is the second sentence related to the first sentence?

A. It contradicts the first statement.
B. It supports the first statement.
C. It explains the first statement.
D. It develops the first statement.
E. It gives an effect of the first statement.

45. Carrots and apples are very healthy foods.
Dietitians often eat these foods and recommend them to patients.

How is the second sentence related to the first sentence?

A. It parrots the first sentence.
B. It defeats the first sentence.
C. It gives a solution to the first sentence.
D. It disagrees with the first sentence.
E. It supports the first sentence.

Read the following five passages and then answer the questions.

46. Joseph Pilates was born in 1880 in Germany. He was a frail child and wished he could find a way to build up strength. During World War I, he worked as a nurse in the army and developed a set of exercises for patients to increase their strength. After the war, he moved to New York City and developed his method of exercise into what is known as Pilates.

Which of the following is not true based on the passage?

A. Joseph Pilates was born in the 19th century.
B. Joseph Pilates was American.
C. Joseph Pilates lived in New York City.
D. Joseph Pilates was interested in exercise.
E. Joseph Pilates was a veteran.

47. Recycling is the process of taking used materials and transforming them into usable goods. Common items for recycling include plastics, aluminum cans, glass, and paper. Recycling has become popular among consumers within the last thirty years. Recycling can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment and is a major factor in the field of waste management.

Which of the following is the most accurate?

A. This passage is persuasive.
B. This passage is conflicting.
C. This passage is emotional.
D. This passage is informative.
E. This passage is dramatic.

48. The internet is very important to the modern world. People use the internet for entertainment, communicating, learning, and as a news source. There can also be cons to the internet, as some sociologists worry that people are slowly forgetting how to communicate in person, but the fact remains that the internet is here to stay.

The main idea of this passage is that the internet:

A. weakens society
B. is for people who love technology
C. is an integral part of society
D. is hard to use
E. is used to entertainment

49. Baby carriages were invented in 1848 by Charles Burton. He lived in New York City and faced opposition to his invention from people who felt they were unsafe. He believed in his idea and moved to England, where he opened a factory. He made carriages for Queen Victoria of England, Queen Isabella II of Spain, and other royalty. A factory opened in the United States ten years later but only 75 carriages were sold. Today, baby carriages are extremely popular and almost every baby has at least one.

Which happened first?

A. Queen Victoria ordered a baby carriage.
B. Americans bought baby carriages.
C. Burton opened a factory in America.
D. Burton moved to England.
E. All babies have carriages.

50. National parks are a great destination for family vacations. The National Park Service was established in the early 1900s to protect and preserve national parks. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was especially interested in natural resources and was influential in the organization. Among the most popular national parks are Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier.

What is the main idea of the passage?

A. President Roosevelt was a great president.
B. Background information on national parks
C. Yellowstone is the most popular national park.
D. Parks are a waste of government money.
E. People love parks.

Accuplacer Practice Test: Essay

Here are possible essay topics similar to those topics on the Accuplacer test:

51. Politicians are often only interested in pleasing the public to gain votes; they do not care about positive change for society.
Explain the topic and either agree or disagree with the statement, offering support to the argument.

52. An education is essential for a person to achieve success.
Explain the topic and either agree or disagree with the statement, offering support to the argument.

53. The Constitution should be interpreted literally and cannot change with society.
Explain the topic and either agree or disagree with the statement, offering support to the argument.

54. It is beneficial for children to have siblings; only children have many disadvantages in life.
Explain the topic and either agree or disagree with the statement, offering support to the argument.

55. Global climate change is real and a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.
Explain the topic and either agree or disagree with the statement, offering support to the argument.

Answer Key


1. B
2. A
3. D
4. A
5. E
6. C
7. B
8. C
9. E
10. C


11. B
12. C
13. A
14. E
15. C
16. D
17. E
18. E
19. A
20. C

College Level Math

21. C
22. B
23. D
24. B
25. D
26. C
27. A
28. D
29. E
30. D

English Proficiency

31. B
32. D
33. C
34. D
35. E
36. D
37. B
38. D
39. C
40. E

Reading Comprehension

41. D
42. C
43. B
44. A
45. E
46. B
47. D
48. C
49. D
50. B

ACCUPLACER* Test Breakdown

Here are the sections on the ACCUPLACER test:

ACCUPLACER Test Study Guide with Practice Questions

Sentence Skills, Reading Comprehension, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, College-Level Mathematics, Levels of English Proficiency Language Use.

  • General Assessments - Reading Comprehension, Sentence skills, Arithmetic Elementary Algebra, College Level Mathematics
  • Essay Assessments - WritePlace ® Plus, WritePlacer ESL
  • ESL Assessments - LOEP Reading Skills, LOEP Sentence Meaning, LOEP Language Usage, LOEP Listening Component, WritePlacer ESL
  • Supplemental Skills Assessments - Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra
  • Alternative Format Assessments - COMPANION Paper, COMPANION CD-Rom, COMPANION Special Formats (Braille, Audio Cassette, and Large Print)

The ACCUPLACER test is a placement test, developed by the College Board, that is used by colleges, universities, and technical schools as an aid to determine the course placement of incoming college students. The test is customized for each educational institution and is administered by each institution itself. The test helps determine if an incoming student should be placed in freshman courses or if that student needs any developmental courses or help prior to enrolling in regular, freshman courses. A benefit of the ACCUPLACER test is that scoring is immediate, and educational institutions have immediate access to student scores, which can aid in rapid course placement.

The ACCUPLACER test is administered by individual colleges (two- and four-year), universities, and technical schools around the world. The test can be given on or off campus, in any facility that has internet access, since the test is a computer-based test. In order to register for the ACCUPLACER test, it is recommended that prospective test-takers contact their college or university directly to sign up. Usually, appointments for the ACCUPLACER test are scheduled through the school's counseling or advisement office. On the day of the test, a valid picture ID is required to be allowed to take the ACCUPLACER test.

The ACCUPLACER test is given online over the internet, and it is a computer-adaptive test. This means that the questions presented to the test-taker are dependent on the test-taker's previous answers as well as the difficulty level of previous questions. The ACCUPLACER test consists of multiple choice questions that test knowledge of reading comprehension, sentence skills, arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college level mathematics. The reading comprehension portion consists of 20 test questions, and consists of questions relating to reading passages and sentence relationships. The sentence skills portion of the test also consists of 20 test questions, and tests knowledge of sentence correction and construction shifts. Reading Practice Test

The arithmetic portion of the test consists of 17 test items, and tests knowledge of operations with whole numbers and fractions, operations with decimals and percents, and applications and problem solving. The elementary algebra portion of the ACCUPLACER test consists of 12 test questions and tests knowledge of operations with integers and rational numbers, operations with algebraic expressions using the evaluation of simple formulas and expressions, the adding and subtracting of polynomials and monomials, and the solution of inequalities, equations, and word problems. The college level mathematics section of the test contains 20 test items, and tests knowledge of algebraic operations, solutions of equations and inequalities, coordinate geometry, applications and other algebra topics, and functions and trigonometry. Math Practice Test

There also may be an essay question, which can either be electronic or done with paper and pencil. The essay tests the ability to write effectively, and looks specifically at five areas: focus, organization, development and support, sentence structure, and mechanical convention. Writing Practice Test

Further details about the test contents of both the multiple choice and essay portions of the ACCUPLACER test can be found online on the website for the College Board. The multiple choice portion of the test has no time limit, and the essay portion may have a time limit or no time limit, depending on the school's needs and choices.

Scoring of the ACCUPLACER test is immediate upon completion of the test. The test-taker is given a score, and the score is also made available to the educational institution. There is no pass or fail on the ACCUPLACER test. Instead, the test is computer-adaptive, to test what a test-taker knows so they are placed into the appropriate college courses. The score on the ACCUPLACER test is determined by number of questions that are answered correctly, as well as the difficulty level of the questions answered.

The best way to prepare for the ACCUPLACER test is to review materials related to reading, grammar, arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry. This review is helpful for the multiple choice portion of the ACCUPLACER test. In addition, sample questions can be found online on the College Board's website. Also, familiarization with the content and structure of the ACCUPLACER test is useful. During the multiple choice portion of the test itself, it is important to take as much time as is needed. The multiple choice portion of the test has no time limit, so taking as much time as needed is allowed. All questions must be answered, and no questions can be revisited during the exam, so making sure that the best answer choice is selected the first time is important. If the correct answer to a particular question is not known, making a best guess choice is advised.

Click Here for ACCUPLACER* Practice Tests

ACCUPLACER Exam Course Review

ACCUPLACER Exam on YouTube | ACCUPLACER Study Guide and Practice Questions

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