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House Committees

  • Agriculture & Livestock

  • Appropriations

  • Appropriations - S/C on Article II

  • Appropriations - S/C on Article III

  • Appropriations - S/C on Articles I, IV & V

  • Appropriations - S/C on Articles VI, VII & VIII

  • Appropriations - S/C on Budget Transparency & Reform

  • Business & Industry

  • Calendars

  • Corrections

  • County Affairs

  • Criminal Jurisprudence

  • Culture, Recreation & Tourism

  • Defense & Veterans' Affairs

  • Economic & Small Business Development

  • Economic & Small Business Development-S/C on Small Business

  • Economic Competitiveness, Select

  • Elections

  • Energy Resources

  • Environmental Regulation

  • General Investigating & Ethics

  • Government Transparency & Operation

  • Higher Education

  • Higher Education-S/C on Post-Secondary & Workforce Readiness

  • Homeland Security & Public Safety

  • House Administration

  • Human Services

  • Insurance

  • International Trade & Intergovernmental Affairs

  • Investments & Financial Services

  • Investments & Financial Services-S/C on Bond Indebtedness

  • Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence

  • Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

  • Land & Resource Management

  • Licensing & Administrative Procedures

  • Local & Consent Calendars

  • Natural Resources

  • Natural Resources-S/C on Special Water Districts

  • Opioids & Substance Abuse, Select

  • Pensions

  • Public Education

  • Public Education-S/C on Educator Quality

  • Public Health

  • Redistricting

  • Rules & Resolutions

  • Special Purpose Districts

  • State & Federal Power & Responsibility, Select

  • State Affairs

  • Texas Ports, Innovation & Infrastructure, Select

  • Transportation

  • Transportation-S/C on Long-term Infrastructure Planning

  • Urban Affairs

  • Ways & Means

  • Joint Committees
  • Coastal Barrier System

  • Government Facilities

  • Health & Human Services Transition, Oversight

  • Higher Education Formula Funding, Interim

  • Partnership Advisory Commission

  • State Water Implementation Fund for Texas Advisory

State Affairs Committee

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Committee info:

Committee Members


Rep. Cook,

Vice Chair

Rep. Giddings,


Rep. Craddick,


Rep. Farrar,


Rep. Geren,


Rep. Guillen,


Rep. King,


Rep. Kuempel,


Rep. Meyer,


Rep. Oliveira,


Rep. Paddie,


Rep. Rodriguez,


Rep. Smithee,
John T.


       Sec. 35.  STATE AFFAIRS. The committee shall have 13
  members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
               (1)  questions and matters of state policy;
               (2)  the administration of state government;
               (3)  the organization, operation, powers, regulation,
  and management of state departments, agencies, and institutions;
               (4)  the operation and regulation of public lands and
  state buildings;
               (5)  the duties and conduct of officers and employees
  of the state government;
               (6)  the operation of state government and its agencies
  and departments; all of above except where jurisdiction is
  specifically granted to some other standing committee;
               (7)  access of the state agencies to scientific and
  technological information;
               (8)  the regulation and deregulation of electric
  utilities and the electric industry;
               (9)  the regulation and deregulation of
  telecommunications utilities and the telecommunications industry;
               (10)  electric utility regulation as it relates to
  energy production and consumption;
               (11)  pipelines, pipeline companies, and all others
  operating as common carriers in the state;
               (12)  the regulation and deregulation of other
  industries jurisdiction of which is not specifically assigned to
  another committee under these rules; and
               (13)  the following organizations and state agencies:
  the Council of State Governments, the National Conference of State
  Legislatures, the Office of the Governor, the Texas Facilities
  Commission, the Department of Information Resources, the Inaugural
  Endowment Fund Committee, the Sunset Advisory Commission, the
  Public Utility Commission of Texas, and the Office of Public
  Utility Counsel.
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